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Photograph of Robin and Mercy by Steve Horan

I’m a single malt scotch drinking Anglican socialist – and a card carrying feminist with a long track record.


I’m currently working on my fifth post-secondary degree, an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Kings College University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. (A couple of friends are threatening to stage an intervention if I get any more degrees).


My yet-to-be-published book is called Skater Grrl: An Archeology of the Self. Some are memoir pieces, some reflections. Some are sad; some funny; all are honest. The order is random—the book is a pastiche, an assemblage, with essays refracting and reflecting one another.

To see my book proposal go here


I’ve been making visual art in a wide range of media for 25 years. Several pieces play with the idea of the physical book. I plan to make an installation to accompany the launch of my book. I will print each essay on a long strip of paper, dip them in beeswax, and hang them from the ceiling. Visitors can walk in and out and read the book in random order – gathering up the fragments.

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