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Memphis Memorial

  • Installation, On the Street Gallery, Memphis, Tenessee, 2007

  • Interactive memorial: visitors could choose a plant and add words about someone they knew who had died. The images and words, were projected on the wall.

An interactive community memorial created at On the Street Gallery in Memphis, Tennessee.

Robin Pacific photographed 35 native plants of Tennessee and hung the photos on the wall in a room at the back of the gallery. The images were also on a computer screen. On one plinth a large beeswax candle burned, on another rested a box of Kleenex. 

Visitors could choose an image of a native plant on the computer screen, enter the name of someone they knew who had died, and add some words about that person. 

The images and text were projected on to the main wall of the gallery.

This was the introduction to the installation at the gallery:


Welcome to Memphis Memorial


An interactive virtual memorial created by you, visitors to On the Street Gallery in Memphis Tennessee, February-March, 2007


There are 35 images of native plants of Tennessee on the wall.  Choose one, then select it on the computer screen.  Enter the name of someone you know who has died, and add any words you wish.  You may also enter your name, or remain anonymous.


The image you choose, the person’s name you are memorializing, and your text will be projected on to the main wall of the gallery.


—Robin Pacific

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