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64 Rocks

64 Rocks

Sixty-four Rocks engraved and returned to Georgian Bay

Exhibition: Penetanguishene Centennial Museum, Ontario

Ceremony of Return: Tiny Township, Ontario 2010

Photos of gallery installation and Ceremony of Return by Zina Curwain

64 Rocks gallery


64 Rocks video
64 Rocks words


Part 1: An art installation about time, memory and abstraction.


• I collected 64 rocks in the spring and summer of 2008. Each rock was engraved with the date it was found, and exhibited at the Penetanguishene Centennial Museum in 2010.


• 64 abstracted forms or “ghosts” of the rocks, were created from single layer papier mache made from honey-coloured Japanese washi paper. They were exhibited on a table at the gallery.


• 42 abstracted colours of the rocks were made as panels from Japanese washi paper dipped in pigmented rabbit skin glue and applied to wooden plaques. The 3” x 12” plaques were also laid out on the table.

Part 2: The Ceremony of Return


Gallery goers, locals, and their children were invited to my cottage at the end of the show to return the engraved rocks to the lake. That evening we burned the "ghosts" on the beach.


Perhaps someone fifty years from now will find a rock with a date engraved on it and wonder about its story.


—Robin Pacific

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