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The Presence of Absence

  • Interactive community memorial website, with residents of the Jane/Finch neighbourhood and participants in Bereaved Families of Ontario bereavement groups

  • Seven video billboards throughout Toronto

  • Video projection in the window at Bereaved Families of Ontario building, Toronto

The Presence of Absence was an on line interactive community memorial. Robin Pacific conducted workshops with over a hundred people, members of Bereaved Families of Ontario and the Jane/Finch neighbourhood. They were asked to make works using the words "Love", "Remember" and "RIP", words which members of a Jane/Finch group had chosen.

The resulting artworks were put on a website where anyone could choose one and memorialize someone they knew who had died. Over 700 people participated. 

The website was promoted on 7 video billboards throughout Toronto, and the entire project was back projected onto the window of the Bereaved Families of Ontario building on Madison Avenue in Toronto.

Article in the Torontoist: Mourning and Loss in the Land of Consumption By Amanda Happé

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