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Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheel

First exhibited at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, June, 2014

Currently: Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto

Tibetan prayer wheel created for the Metropolitan Community Church in Toronto, in collaboration with Reverend Brent Hawkes for the Palliative Care Association of Canada.

Parliament Hill photos by Steve Horan


Prayer Wheel images


Prayer Wheel video
Prayer Wheel Instructions


The “Welcome Home” Prayer Wheel


How to use the prayer wheel:


  1. Think of a prayer, write it on a piece of paper, and put it in the top of the wheel.


  1. Or, think of a prayer and send it to the top of the wheel.


  1. Spin the wheel, touching only the green bands at the bottom.


Buddhists believe that as the wheel is spinning, your prayer will go up to heaven.

Artist:  Robin Pacific

Fabricator:  Frank Bunn


Collaborator:  Reverend Brent Hawkes, Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto. 


“Welcome Home” is the church’s motto; “They desire a better country” is engraved on Reverend Hawkes’ Order of Canada medal.

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