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Performance piece.

My notebook pages became a wedding gown. The procession had pages to carry the train, a flower girl, a videographer, a still photographer and two ushers.

"I Married My Work" performance, Christie Pits, Toronto, September 12, 2020

Short film by Dennis Day.

For a link to the video with close captions go here

Film transcript:

Forty years of notes, lists and phone numbers. Forty-three books. The mundane underpinnings of my art.

A lifelong commitment. A marriage. They say that all dedicated artists must have a wife. But who will be my wife? An artist who never stops. Who cannot sleep. My work is my self. So, I married myself. I married my work. It's said we are inscribed in the book of life. Black marks on white paper. We can't read the whole script of our life. Only as it unfolds, chapter by chapter. So many plot twists. So many characters.

As I walked the path. I felt all the years in between.

—Robin Pacific

Still photos by Steve Horan.

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