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A performance in Christie Pits in Toronto on September 12, 2020
and a four minute film short by of the event created by Dennis Day



Installations, prints, video, artist book

Robin Pacific photographed 70 people, each in a special place that has meaning for them, and then asked them a series of questions about their own death.
Visual artist and editor Dennis Day made a video of all 70 people, their thoughts about their demise, their images, the music they would like played at their funeral, and their world without them in it.
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Spiritual health, like emotional and physical health, is central to the well being of the whole person. All spiritual beliefs and practices are welcome, including atheists and agnostics. All human endeavour – relationships, work, everyday activities – is considered sacred and worthy of exploration. MORE

Robin Pacific‘s work has spanned thirty years and a wide variety of media. Her practice encompasses painting, drawing, video, installation, performance, web-based projects, and numerous community based collaborations. MORE

HINGED is a series of artist’s books published on iBooks and available as PDFs on the website. They comprise a spiritual memoir, a confession of sorts, and a self-portrait. MORE

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