For more information or to book a session, please contact Robin Pacific, PhD, DSD at 416-994-9980 or

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a process, both subtle and profound, where the “Director” and the “Directee” together discern the presence of the divine (the sacred, “the more”, the Holy, or God) in the life of the Directee.

All spiritual beliefs and practices are welcome, including atheists and agnostics.

Spiritual Direction posits that spiritual health, like emotional and physical health, is central to the well being of the whole person.

Spiritual Direction seeks to guide Directees on a journey toward their own inner authenticity.

Spiritual Direction is not psychotherapy. The latter, broadly speaking, helps clients explore their past, usually their childhood, in order to understand and change relationships in the present. Spiritual Direction charts movements towards Consolation (being close to the divine) and Desolation (being far from the divine) in all aspects of a person’s life, including relationships. Addiction issues, for example, would be an indication of desolation.

All human endeavour – relationships, work, everyday activities, are considered sacred and worthy of exploration.

How often do we meet? Typically one hour a month, from September to June.

How much does it cost? This can be mutually decided upon. A typical fee is what the Directee earns in one hour; the average is $40-$60. However, everyone will be accommodated, and cost is no barrier. There is no charge for the first session.